What is Leapa?

Leapa is a an online e-learning company that helps client based businesses build profitable client acquisition systems to scale to multi-7 & 8 figures.

We help coaches, consultants, course creators, agencies, and experts (basically, anybody who sells advice) grow their business by launching paid ads, funnels & making strategic hires as they grow.

To date, we've helped 100+ coaching & consulting businesses grow to 6/7 and multiple 8 figures using our methods.

Our philosophy

→ Reason from first principles

→ Optimise for the long term

→ Laser focus on the main thing

→ Radical transparency at all times

→ Simplicity - less is more

→ Think and act like owners (by actually being an owner)

→ Work with the end in mind (Reverse engineering)

→ Play the human game - put people first

Some of our clients

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